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15.4 Oz Hanging Moisture Absorber, Pack of 3, Fresh Scent

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  • Traps moisture
  • Great for closets
  • Fresh Scent – 3 Pack
DampRid Hanging Bag Moisture Absorber attracts and traps excess moisture. The time-release fragrance technology releases a pleasant scent continuously over the life of the product. The hanging bag design is perfect for closets, laundry rooms and storage areas where clothes often collect unpleasant odors. With 10% more moisture absorbing power, DampRid lasts longer to absorb excess moisture, creating and maintaining the optimal humidity level wherever moisture is a problem. Each dehumidifying bag can last up to 60 days depending on the level of humidity and temperature. When the bag is finished, simply discard and replace. Not for use in moving vehicles. Keep out of reach of children. Read and follow all label directions. Compared to 14 oz. bag.
  • Attracts and traps excess moisture: DampRid fresh scent hanging moisture absorber attracts and traps excess moisture from the air, eliminating musty odors and creating fresher, cleaner air
  • 10% more moisture absorbing power: now with 10% more moisture absorbing power, DampRid lasts even longer, compared to 14 oz. bag
  • Hanging bag design is great for use in closets, laundry rooms or any space where stagnant air is often a problem
  • Continuous fresh air: features time-release fragrance technology, which releases a pleasant scent continuously over the life of the product
  • Easy to use: simply remove from packaging, gently shake to activate fragrance and hang with enough space for air circulation
  • Easily disposable: when collected liquid in bag reaches the replacement indicator line, simply discard in trash and replace with a new hanging moisture absorber
  • Long-lasting freshness: think of it as a dehumidifier without electricity, each moisture absorbing bag lasts up to 60 days depending on temperature and humidity
  • Don't just cover up odors, eliminate them, includes 12 fresh scent 14 oz. moisture absorbing bags, also available in pure linen, lavender vanilla and fragrance free